Friday, 30 September 2016

Sunday 25th September - Manor farm open

21 people fishing.
6 on boundary and 15 on island.
I drew peg 10 on island last weekend and don't really like that corner. And today I drew peg 9!
I didn't really fancy it.
Set up:
Pellet and method feeder to the island.
A bomb rod.
A deck rig on the pole at 14.5m incase I needed it.
I decided to focus my approach on rods as the wind was quite strong and I felt I needed to fish far out to get bites.

Had a ok start against the island on the method feeder. 3 carp and a big F1 but I couldn't work it out. I had loads of liners. And you chuck it a foot off the island and the bites stop?

Had a been feeding my pole and bomb line all morning so a quick look on the bomb resulted on a good run of big F1s which was nice to catch on this quite early. 
Tried the pole but didn't really think it would work so I was soon back on the feeder.

From 1:30 I decided to stay on the bomb as I normally catch late on it. (Last hour or 2)

The bomb line became quite good. Catching fish steadily till the end of the match. A mixture of carp and F1s on bomb.

At the weigh in I manged to have 101lb which put me 2nd overall. 
Well done to Jason Morris winning with 127lb.

Really enjoyed the match and was nice catching on rods for a change.  All summer I've mainly been catching on the pole so was nice to have a change.

Until next time....

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