Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sunday 18th September - Manor farm leisure open

Today I decided to go to Manor Farm for the open match that was held on island pool and middle pool.
24 anglers turned up and there were 6 pegs on middle and 18 on island so a good draw was needed. 
I drew peg 10 on island.  This peg is in the corner and with 8 and 12 in it really cuts you off and you don't have an island chuck. 
So kitted up 2 things.
14.5m of my F44. Where I'd fish shallow and on the deck on pellets.
Next Adventure 45 bomb rod. Coupled with a Zartan Reel to 0.18 Method Line.
The rig is a free running lead on a snap swivel. To a quick change bead, where I used a hook length of 0.16 F1 spider line to an 18 B911.
First half of the match I caught a couple of fish on the deck on the pold and 1 fish shallow but I was well off the pace.
So at around 2:00 I made tbe decision to stay on the bomb. This proved to be good. I caught quite steadily till the end of the match on the bomb catching a few better stamp Carp and F1s.
I finished with around 8 carp and 5 F1s. Giving me a total weight of 59-0-0. This was 2nd in my section and 3rd on the lake.
Peg 6 won my section and with that peg in your section it's very hard to beat.
I had a nice day and felt I did ok from that area as that would of been one of the pegs I didn't want!
Until next time!

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