Friday, 30 September 2016

Saturday 24th September - Last round of Redhill Pairs match.

Going into today we had a 13lb lead.
I was on sophies lake and drew peg 3.
James was on Mollies on peg 13.
I didn't really fancy my peg.  I had a strong cross wind and anglers either side with little room.
Kept it simple.
Pellets and paste short.
Groundbait and maggots down the edge.
Short line was really good to start with on hard pellets then got silly bites so fished paste instead which was better.  Although I had to wait for bites. The majority of bites were converted to landed fish. 
At 2 o'clock I caught really well down the edge at top 5 to the next pallet.
I thought it was would get stronger and stronger but it didn't really.
Big potting after 2 fish was best.  And fishing a full worm.
I weighed in 129lb for second on my lake and james had 54lb on his lake.
We finished 2nd overall and lost out first place by 1-12-0 so one more fish would of sealed it. But that's fishing!
Really enjoyed fishing Redhill and I've only been twice on these two matches so felt I did ok considering I didn't know the venue.

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