Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sunday 11th September - Manor farm leisure open

Today I decided to go to Manor Farm for the open match.
With 24 fishing.
18 on island and 6 on boundary
Island pool was going to be tight pegging!
I drew peg 31 which is on the deeper bank and stuck in the corner and to be honest I didn't really fancy it.
Decided to just fish 3 lines.
Pellet feeder to the island.
Shallow on the pole.
I began my match on the pellet feeder and had a tiny F1. I then switched to the pole and caught 2 quick fish.
I then found out it would be the sort of day where you had catch one fish off a line then do something else.
Last hour and half I caught a few on my bomb line which progressively got better as the day went on.
I managed to weigh 49-12-0 enough to win my section.
The pellet feeder was a waste of time which is very strange as that's normally worth a few fish.
I think it's because you can't get it right against the island there because of the reeds where as you need to be almost touching the bank to get a bite against the island.

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