Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Saturday 1st October - Manor farm leisure

Today I went to Manor farm leisure for the open match on island and middle pool.
5 on island and 6 on middle. 
I drew peg 4 which I quite fancied for catching shallow on the pole.
Had a big common and an F1 early on the bomb and went out on the deck on the pole at 14.5m and didn't get a bite.
So picked up the shallow rig.
Caught really well on this for 2 hours catching some decent size carp and some f1s.
As middle usually does, it all completely switched off around 1:00 and probably went 40 minutes without a bite. 
I then had a few more fish shallow on the pole and managed to have 1 common and an F1 down the edge.
I weighed in 130-0-0 which was second overall.
With 146-0-0 winning so needed a few more bigger fish.

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