Thursday, 20 October 2016

Friday 14th October - Alders farm team match

Today ive been to Alders Farm. We "Team Colmic" were invited to fish the Joseph James Law match amongst some very good teams.
Our team consisted of Chris Telling. Frank Donachie. Gary Donachie, Glen Picton and myself.

I drew peg 6 on pines lake. Chris was also on pines. Gary and Frank went on ash and Glen on the speci lake.

I really wanted to draw peg 5 but 6 I was still happy with.

1 hour was shocking to say the least! Didnt land a fish. Lost 3 fish. All foul hookers.

Eventually i landed my first fish on the pole on the deck at 14.5m fishing expander pellets.

A few fish had been topping at about 30m so i bagan pinging some 6mms pellets in hope to catch on the waggler. 15 casts on the waggler resulted in 2 fish, then nothing.

So i picked up the shallow rig. One thing i have learnt about pines in the couple of times ive fished it is they dont like slapping. You may catch one fish on it but there to wise. So i found laying the rig in was best and catching the "cleverer" fish. Normally a better stamp!

I tried feeding my edge line but they didnt come in on it. So I spent the rest of the match on the swinging rig.

I managed to weigh 61lb which was 5th in my section.
As a team we finished 5th out of 12 teams which wasnt to be.

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