Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Sunday 5th June

Today I returned to ivy house for the open match to try and get my head around the venue.
I drew peg 19. Which had a lovely looking margin which plumbed up nicely at 14.5m and this was to be my main attack.
I start the match short on pellets and had a carp after 5 minutes which was a good start.
I then went out on my worm line at 14.5m and began catching a few skimmers steadily to try and boost my weight up. At this point I probably had around 20lb and des shipp opposite had well over double that.
I decided to set up a new line where I'd just feed a few 4mm pellets and fish expanders over the top.
This proved to be good as In the next hour I manged another 3 carp.
By around 2:00 I had around 8 carp and some skimmers. 
I had been feeding my edge line with dead maggots throughout the match and decided to have a look on it. I began catching carp steadily and had to keep big potting bait every fish to get them back.
Going into the last hour I hoped that this edge line would get stronger but it didn't really and I ended with only 3 carp in the last hour.
I managed 19 carp and some skimmers to weigh 93lb which won the match overall.
Des Shipp was 2nd
And my good mate Chris Telling was 3rd overall and won the silvers. Chris is very good at worm fishing and his results show that.  He's won the silvers the last 3 matches at ivy house.


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