Friday, 3 June 2016

Sunday 30t May

Alder farm open match.
Peg 16.
This fish were spawning so thought It might fish a little difficult. 
This peg has a plug at about 6m where water from the spring runs into.
I set up to fish pellets longs and short and my main attack was to be the edge lines. I set 2 up. One at top 6 to my right and the other at 14.5m to the next pallet. 
I started long and didn't have a bite for 20 minutes.
I decided to have a look down the edge to the next pallet.  And began catching steadily.  An hour passed an had around 12 carp.  I fed groundbait down here and I then began foul hooking them.  So I gave it 3 pots of groundbait and had a look on my shorter edge line. Where I'd just been potting In maggots throughout the day. 
I began catching instantly, and was clear maggots was the way to go.
I kept resting my edge lines but I didn't have a bite in open water???
I think its to deep up this end in open water and the fish want to be in the shallow water. Hence why i caught down my edge.
With an hour to go my peg was getting stronger and decided to go back on my long margin line and had 7 quick fish.  Then came back on my shorter edge line for a steady last 30 minutes. 
I managed 39 carp. (Small ish stamp) for 105-0-0. Which was enough for 5th overall.
Looking back at my match I'd of gone out and out maggots down the edge and rotated between my 2 edge lines quicker. 
I found potting in half a pot of maggots when it went quiet was best, as they'd come straight back on it then.

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