Monday, 13 June 2016

Sunday 12th June.

Today I have been to bourton on the water lakes for the open match. My first visit to this venue. After not really knowing what I needed to do I decided just to fish what I'm confident in. 
Pellet fishing on the deck and shallow and down the edge.
I drew peg 7 which meant nothing to me so I based my approach like this....
Pellets at top 5.
Pellets at 13m.
Groundbait and dead maggots either side of me. 
Down my left had margin I had an old pallet about 8m along the bank so I fished against that thinking they'd come there for safety and the other margin line was top 5 to my right.
I fed my edge lines at the start. The left hand line I decided to feed more positively and the right hand side not so much.
I shipped out to 13m and started pinging pellets, i started having indications straight away which was promising. Then I found out what they were.... Rudd!
I was fishing a 4mm pellet but the Rudd seemed to take an interest in that so a quick change to 6mm stopped them.
I started catching a few carp but they were only quite small.
I caught a couple shallow at the half way stage and had to keep working really had to rotate between the deck and shallow.
By 3:00 there were 2 hours remaining and looking round I felt I was doing ok.
So fed some more bait down the edge and went straight on it.
I started on the left had side and kept being pestered by Rudd....
I had a quick look to my right and saw a big swirl over my bait and went straight on it. I hooked one instantly which was a better stamp fish. I caught steadily on this line until the end of the match. The key was big potting groundbait and maggots every fish.
I fed around 2kg of groundbait and 3 pints of dead maggots.
At the all out i had around 24 carp.
I weighed in 56-0-0 which put me 3rd overall.
60-0-0 was 2nd
And 78-0-0 won.
I felt If I'd of known a little bit more about the venue i could of filled in those dry spells which would of helped me boost up my weight.
Will deffintly be going back there.

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