Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Sunday 26th February - Manor farm

With a good turnout of 27 anglers it was set to be a good match.
Again with the wind howling across the complex that was going to make things difficult.
Island, Ash and Middle pool were all in the bag.
Middle peg 27 was set to be my home for the day. This end of the lake has been good recently but with middle pool they move so quickly you just never know where there going to be.
After fishing manor farm quite a bit I tend to keep my approaches very similar on most pegs.
A bomb rod, to fish bread to start then maybe change to pellet if needed.
A 14.5m pellet line.
An edge line. Normally I would only set and edge line up in summer but with this being an end peg I just had to set it up as a throw away line.
I kicked off on bread and didnt have a bite after 3 chucks in 30 minutes. So a quick look on the pole bought 2 skimmers to the net.
The odd fish was being caught around the lake so a quick change of rigs on the pole saw my first F1 in the net.
The wind was getting stronger and stronger and I had caught a few on the pole but it was making presentation really difficult!
So I decided to start pinging 8mm pellets at about 25m for the bomb. A quick look on that saw a nice run of 4 fish then nothing.
The next hour was terrible didn't really catch at all! And hoped my pole line would get good last hour. And it did! The wind eased a bit and I could present it nicely and had a steady run of fish. 
Didn't think I'd done enough to beat Chris Cameron next to me though. 
I weighed in 68-0-0 which was 2nd on the lake and 4th overall so a nice day! 

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