Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Saturday 18th March - Manor farm

With mild weather again and a decent turn out the open was spread across Boundary and Windmill pools, I drew peg 26 on Windmill not a brilliant area, I would rather be on one of the pegs either side of me. And with 10 on Windmill it was going to be quite hard.
I decided to just focus on a 13m pellet line, I would normally fish 14.5m but the wind was going to be a pain.
Then I plumbed up against a bush on the island where it was surprisingly deep, around 5ft which I thought maybe to deep!

I didn't have an edge on this peg really as you can't see past the brambles or to your left.

I caught steady on my 13m pellet line but soon chased them out to 14.5m, I caught the odd fish shallow but was just very odd fish. The deck was much better.

I caught quite a few small F1s with a couple of carp to weigh 56-0-0 which won the lake and put me second overall in the match!

Well done to Frank Donachie who blitzed the match with 130lb! There's no way I'd of caught that!

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