Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sunday 19th March - Manor farm

Back to manor farm for the open match. A good turnout of 30 anglers spread over Ash, Middle and boundary pool. 10 on each lake.

The wind was going to be a nightmare today with it being well over 30mph and some gusts over 40mph+!

I drew peg 8 on middle pool, with the wind howling at me so the chance of a pole match was going to be slim. Set up my trustee Colmic Airon F44 at 11.5m which I could hold just about in the wind.

A Colmic next adventure 60, usual set up with a 400 Zartan and 0.20 Method line, to a pellet feeer.

A Colmic next adventure 45 bomb rod.

Fed my pole line and started on the Pellet feeder just my sidd of half way. My peg is directly in the middle of the lake and sometimes it can be good for catching carp. After a few casts of building up a bit of bait my first fish was in the next a nice 7lb Common which fought really well but was no match for my Colmic 60 11ft rod.

A good first half of the match on the pellet feeder saw me doing well on the lake.

I had been feeding my pole line all match and had a look on it. This saw me catch 2 small carp and 2 big F1s.

By now my match was fading, pellet feeder line had slowed up, pole line was getting harder and harder to present in the wind, it was time to look on my pole line which again I had been feeding with 8mms when the wind allowed.

This saw me have a little run of fish for the next hour but nothing amazing.

Back out on the pellet feeder with an hour to go saw me catch a big F1 but was really struggling now.

Decided to spend the rest of the match on the pole and in the last 40 minutes I had 4 F1s.

My 12 carp and 5 F1s went 81-2-0 which was enough for second overall.

Really enjoyed catching on the pellet feeder and learnt a lot which is the main thing!

96lb won which was achieveable off my peg I think but felt that wind really wasn't helping me.

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