Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Saturday 11th March - 2nd redhill pairs

2nd and final round of the pairs match
I drew peg 8 on Sophies right in the corner.
I really hoped Id catch down the edge and short... but I didn't!
Only place I caught was long at 16m but was really cut off by the pegs either side of me.
Corner pegs are either really good or really bad.
Managed 2 down the edge late on but wasn't enough.
My 12 carp went 34lb which beat 2 on the lake.
As a pair me and my mate James Allen didn't do any good but can't help but feel the draws we both had weren't the best.
Well done to the lads that won it and well done to Gary Donachie and Gary Watts who came 2nd as a pair.

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