Friday, 12 August 2016

Thursday 11th August - Manor farm open

Today I decided to go to manor farm for the open match.
With 20 anglers fishing all on windmill pool it was going to be a tough match!
I drew peg 18.
This is the deepest end of the lake around 10ft at 13m.
I had a very inviting tree to my right as well so decided to fish to that with 17.5m of my Colmic F44.
I began the match catching well at 13m on the deck and had to keep chasing fish up and down catching through the water. 
I did have a look down the edge a few times and only caught a few F1s and an 8lb mirror.
I caught a lot of small F1s between a pound and 2 pound and a few bonus carp in amongst them.
I weighed 70-12-0 enough to win the match!
Roll on next time!

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