Monday, 1 August 2016

Saturday 30th July.
Today I decided to go to manor farm on the open match.
There were 17 of us fishing and with us all on island pool it was going to be a struggle from some pegs.
I found myself heading towards peg 21, this peg isn't normally in which maybe can be a good thing?
but with this being on the corner of the island and pegs in either side I felt it could be tough.

Like I do with all my fishing I kept things dead simple:

14.5m of my Trustee Colmic Airon F44 pole on the deck and 3 shallow rigs.
My shallow rigs all consisted of a MAP SF1 floats to 0.16 F1 spider mainline to an 0.13 hook length. Where'd id fish a lasso'd 4mm pellet.

11ft Colmic Next Adventure 60 Rod. With a pellet feeder and an 0.15 F1 spider hook length.
11ft Next Adventure 45 Rod. Set up to fish a lead either over my pole line or 3/4 the way across if I needed to.

I began my match by feeding my pole line and chucking the feeder tight to the Island
 and sat there hoping for an early fish.... this didn't happen, looking around no one had caught and thought we could be in for a tough match. But I persevered on this for the first half an hour.

With this resulting in no bites I decided to have a look on the pole, starting on the deck.
By now the wind was making things a little difficult with an awkward cross wind but it was no match for my F44 and I could comfortably lean into it. I began catching steadily on this putting a few small F1s in the net, and then I began missing bites. All the while I had been pinging this line and I thought the fishing might of been coming shallow.

So out came the shallow rig. I caught a few on this but I would catch one then have to change depths, they weren't settling at any one depth.

By now we were just over half way through and as I've said in the past Manor Farm always switches off around this time. And sure enough everyone stopped catching.

I think I had around 30lb in the net which I felt was doing ok for the area I was in so decided to sit on the feeder for the remainder of the match and hoped id catch late on the pole. I did have quite a good spell on the feeder where I put 6 fish in the net in 30 minutes and they were a decent stamp.

So last half an hour I decided to have a look back shallow on the pole and this saw me have 3 quick F1s and then they went again. So back out on the feeder for a late fish or 2.

I managed to hook one with 5 minutes to go but it took me into a snag that I didn't know was there, which resulted in me pulling for a break.

I managed to weigh in 68-0-0 which put me 5th overall and a section win! Which from the area I was quite happy with.

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