Monday, 15 August 2016

Saturday 13th August - Manor farm open match

My plan for today was to go to Manor Farm for the open match.
With it being on my 2 favourite lakes I was really looking forward to it.
Middle and Ash pools were in.
Normally middle will win as the carp feed more in there but ash pools one of my favourite lakes and is full of F1s.
I drew peg 7 on ash pool, a peg I've never drawn in a match but always wanted to.  This is a good F1 area. With the airator to your left at around 17m.
I based my attack on fishing shallow all match as the fish were already topping all over the lake so I fancied it.
Set up 5 shallow rigs. 
2 decks rigs and a Waggler Incase they backed off my pole line. 
I started the match at 14.5m on the deck and caught 2 F1s straight away.
I was having liners so picked up my shallow rig...
And I didn't look back. I caught solidly on this for 2 hours after fine tuning the rig and feeding and changing depths when it went quiet.
Feeding was best by firing in 10 pellets at a time and as the day went on it got more and more and the fishing got better.
Going into the last hour I had 65 F1s and 1 big mirror Carp. So was hoping for a good last hour.
And I did.... I couldn't get in quick. And I thought Chris Cameron opposite had a similar weight to me and we were fish for fish last hour.
So I stepped up my elastic and really caught well.
I thought Chris was beating me so I tried to catch him up.
I clicked 88 F1s and 1 carp so I had 23 F1s in the last hour which was good!
I fed quite heavily to keep them there. 
I manged to weigh in 222-12-0 to win the match.  A personal best match weight for me.
Chris Cameron had 202-0-0 but I thought it would be closer than that!
I think I fed around 3 and a half pints of pellets so for over 200lb of fish that isn't really a lot I don't think. 
My gear for the match was
COLMIC AIRON F44. 14.5m.
Colmic Yellow and Blue Hollow elastic.
0.152 F1 Spider mainline to and 0.13 F1 spider hook length. Then fished 0.152 Spider hook length last hour. 
Had probably the best days fishing I've ever had today!
Until next time!

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