Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Sunday 31st July

Ivy House open match.
I've only been going to ivy house for the last month or two but I am really beginning to like it there. 
It's a hard venue. But deffintly one of the fairest there is around which is why I like it so much. It is never normally won from the same peg.
Getting onto the match, with 17 people fishing and only 20 pegs on the lake it was always going to be tough.
I drew myself peg 12.
This is peg is really close to those either side than most of the other pegs but at an angle to the left you have a bit of room to yourself.
So I decided to target this area more than in front of me.
I started short on pellets at 5m which as I've written about before can produce an early carp or big skimmer. I managed 1 roach about a pound on this so a nice fish none the less. 
I then opted to feed my worm line that was straight in front of me and then go on my paste line where I'd fish to my left with a little bit of room.  I began catching a few carp on this and felt I was doing ok.
Looking round the lake no one was really catching. The guy a few pegs up had caught more carp than me and with 2 hours to go I was hoping to try and catch some skimmers to try and bump my weight up as the carp had shut up shop in my peg.
In the remaining hour I didn't really put a lot in the net at all!
I had some Ripple in my peg now and strangely I didn't catch when that came along! Normally that's a good thing when you have Ripple!
I had 9 Carp and 8 Big Skimmers which resulted in me being 2nd overall and 2nd in the silvers.
My carp went 42lb
And my Skimmers went 21lb
Leaving me with a total weight of 63lb.
29lb won the silvers which I felt I should of had as at one stage they were then they'd disappear again!
I was quite happy with that from that peg and I learnt a lot about Ivy house that day!
Until the next time!!!

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