Monday, 4 July 2016

Sunday 3rd July. Manor Farm Leisure

I returned back to manor farm today to try and improve on where I went wrong yesterday. With 16 fishing all on island it was going to be hard with quite a bit of pressure on the lake.
I drew a peg I quite fancied.
Peg 5. It's not normally in which I thought could make it quite good.
I fished a very positive match.
Shallow at 17m to the airator.
Method feeder to the island. Simple!
Began on the method and pinged my shallow line.
I caught a small skimmer on the method early and a few small F1s.
It was noticeable that there were a few fish on my shallow line so after 20 minutes decided to have a look...
Shipped out my Trustee Colmic F44 Airon pole and on the 3rd spin round the poles buckled over.... ooosssh!
I was catching some good stamp F1s on this but the wind made it rather difficult.  I was fishing tight to the airator which was to my left slightly.  And with the wind blowing to the left I really had to slap into the wind.
2nd hour of the match I was flying. I caught quite a few big F1s chasing them around, anything from 8" to 2ft.
As I've found with manor farm your peg does switch off. So I decided to try and not waste that part of the match and under armed my lead over that line.
A very good idea. I caught steady on this for the next hour and a half.
And I'd hoped I'd build up my shallow line and fish it in the last hour. 
We'll things didn't really work out.  I came off the bomb and tried shallow but by now the wind was really picking up.
So I picked up my Colmic Next Adventure 45 bomb rod to chuck over my shallow line hoping for a few more! I struggled from then on.  I caught a few but it was noticeable the fish were no longer on my shallow line.
I managed to weigh 89-0-0. Which put me 3rd overall and won my section.
Colmics Next Adventure 45 rods are something else.
Landing anything from 4oz Skimmers to 15lb+ carp.  

A perfect versatile all round rod. 

A perfect conditioned mirror caught on the Colmic Next Adventure 45 Rods. 

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