Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Sunday 17th July.

Mick Telling memorial match today at wick water.
With it being really warm it was always going to be hard.
This was the first time I'd ever seen this place and I must admit, it's a lovely looking lake!
Getting to my peg. Peg 15. It was really shallow close in so I decided to use a platform.
The colmic platforms are solid! So I set this up to give me 3 advantages:
1 - my nets are in deeper water. 
2- I get further out passed the trees as this peg has trees surrounding it.
3- I'm another metre out from the anglers next to me. Meaning when I fish long I'm automatically fishing longer than them!
I fished a positive match.
Paste short.
Pellets long. 
A method feeder
A Waggler.
I started off really slow.
Didn't have a sign for an hour then lost one on the Waggler so as it fishing hard I  decided to stay on it.
I managed 4 carp to weigh 21-0-0
I lost 3. 1 broke me and 2 just pulled out.
Came nowhere with that but still had a few bites.
I felt I didn't really do my homework and maybe should of tried a bomb over the top of this as a few fish were caught on this but this should lead me in good stead for the next time I return back. 
We managed to raise £340 for Cancer Research so that was brilliant. 
So well done to Chris Telling and everyone who came along. 
And Well done to the 6 qualifiers.  Good luck in the final!

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