Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Saturday 23rd July - Manor farm leisure

Today I went to Manor farm for the open match that was held on island pool. 
With the venue fishing well I thought we were all in for a good days fishing.
A couple of areas I fancied were
Peg 6. 14 and 16 and I felt u needed to be there to win.
I drew peg 33.
It's the deepest part of the lake and with it being really warm I thought the fish would want to be in the shallow water. So with this in mind I based my approach fishing shallow on the pole, this is more of an F1 area and was geared up to catch them.
I set up the following:
Colmic Next Adventure 60 rod. 0.20 method line. To a pellet feeder. Fishing 0.13 F1 spider line to an 18 B911 and hard pellet.
Next Adventure 45 rod. Fishing a bomb with 6mm pellets.
X1 deck rig at 14.5m on the pole.
X3 shallow rigs all at different depths to help me cover all layers of the water.
I began the match feeding my pole line and chucked the pellet feeder tight against the island.
The first hour started really slow for everyone and I only had a couple of small F1s on the feeder.
2nd and 3rd hour I decided to have a look shallow and in two hours i managed to catch F1s and small carp quite steadily, having to work really hard slapping and feeding.
As always around 1 o'clock at manor farm normally everything seems to go dead. So I decided to start pinging a bomb line and stay on the pellet feeder to catch what I could.
Going into the last hour i was hoping my shallow line would get stronger as it had been rested and I kept constantly feeding it. 
I caught quite well last hour and ticked over nicely building up my weight with a few better stamp carp and bigger F1s.
As the scales came round i weighed in 101lb.
This was enough to put me 2nd overall and win my section. 
Well done to Chris Telling on winning the match with 110lb.
In hindsight I needed a few bigger stamp fish just to help me build up a bigger weight.

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