Monday, 18 July 2016

Saturday 16th July - Ivy House open match.

Today I fancied a trip back to ivy house.
Haven't been here for a few weeks and this is only my 5th visit to the venue. But I really like the place and it keeps me going back. 
With 16 fishing and a bright warm day it was always going to be hard for everyone.
As the draw took place i found myself heading towards peg 13. This is on the causeway, with the airator directly in front of you.
With the thought it mind that it was going to fish hard I based my approach like this:
Line 1: Worms at 14.5m. The rig was a Map SD3 pole float. 0.13 Colmic F1 spider mainline to and 0.10 Stream Hook length. Size 18 B911.
Line 2: Short pellet line. Jon Walker float. 0.15 Spider mainline to an 0.125 Stream hook length.  Fishing a lasso'd 4mm pellet.
Line 3: Margin rig. 0.18 spider mainline to an 0.15 hook length to a size 16 B911.
Everytime at Ivy house i always start short, Im not sure why but this normally produces a big bream or a carp to get you off to a nice start. 
So as the whistle sounded I shipped my Colmic F44 Airon Pole out with a golf ball size of my worm mix and came short at top 5 on pellets. 
I rattled in 10 4mm pellets and fished a 4mm on the hook and sat there. A few minutes past before a positive bite came from nowhere resulting in a big 3lb bream.  Just the start I needed.
Looking round not a lot was being caught. And I felt it's going to be a case of catching what you can.
For the first 20 minutes I spent it short and after only having that one fish it was time to look on my worm line. 
After around 2 hours I persevered with the worm line, the key was to keep feeding it and just being patient. I had caught a few decent stamp fish on this but had also lost 2 carp so it was clear they were starting to feed.
Going into the 3rd hour I decided to go back onto my short pellet line where I'd been regularly feeding pellets. I then went onto put a further 4 good stamp bream in the net and 2 very welcome carp.
By now I felt I was doing ok but needed to boost my weight up so began pinging a few pellets into the Ripple to my right slightly.  After 20 minutes or so I decided to have a look shallow on this. And managed another 2 Carp.
So going into the last hour I had a decent amount of silvers and a few carp but the worm line had completely died. 
So I made the decision to spend the rest of the match short on pellets. I had 1 carp and 2 bream in the last hour and wasn't sure what had been caught silvers wise.
I knew I hadn't won the match as the guy 3 pegs down had caught steady all day.
I managed to weigh 31lb of silvers and 28lb of carp giving me a total of 59lb.
This put me 3rd overall. 
2nd was Chris Telling with 62lb
1st was Alan Smith with 84lb.
41lb won the silvers so I needed those bream to come back short to get closer to that.
I had a very nice day catching skimmers and learnt a lot.
Until the next one....

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