Friday, 15 April 2016

Saturday 9th April

Manor farm open. Island and middle pool. 18 fishing.
I did fancy drawing on island as it's one of my favourite lakes but middle is good and normally wins.
In the draw bag and out came 26 on middle.
This is a good area and last time I drew 25 middle I won the match.
After getting to my peg my approach was clear.
X4 pole rigs:
1 on the deck at 13m
1 half depth
1 shallow rig
1 edge rig.
Started on the bomb and had an f1 within 20 minutes and no one had caught. I then had a look on my 13m deck line and began catching a few f1s steadily but was getting liners so increased the pinging.  I went shallow and had a few fish but wasn't prolific.
I then started to struggle to catch so went out on the Waggler where I'd been pinging 6mm pellets and caught well on this for 2 and a half hours.
I then began feeding my edge line and had a look on this at 2:00 without a bite.
So went back out on the Waggler and hoped I'd catch late down the edge. I continued to put another 5 f1s in the net before going down the edge last 40 minutes.
In those 40 minutes I managed to catch 6 carp down the edge.
I managed to weigh 116-0-0 for 1st overall!

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