Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Monday 28th March

Day 3 of my 3 day weekend. 
Back to manor farm for the open match and was praying for a draw. 
For the past 6 months I've been fishing manor farm I've always wanted to draw peg 6 on island.
And today was that day! 
It hasn't won a match for ages but I felt it was worth a few bites.
I only kitted up rods as it's an out and out feeder peg. 
I spent the first hour on the feeder tight to the island and had 3 fish for around 12lb. 
The next 1 and a half hours I spent 3/4 the way across on the Same feeder and put a further 15 fish in the net. 
At the half way stage I had been priming a bomb line all day and dropped on it to only catch a stockie so back out to the island for 1 more. 
30 minutes later I dropped back on my bomb line and it was solid! 
Caught really well last 1 hour and 30 on this. 
I think leaving it till late on was best as I could prime it and get them feeding confidently. 
I clicked 37 fish in total. 
To weigh 119-0-0 enough for 1st overall. 
Had a really nice day just fishing a simple rod match and learnt loads! 
Roll on next time! 

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