Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday 6th February

Manor farm leisure open. Windmill pool. 
After loading up the car in the pouring rain I wasn't feeling to optimistic as the wind was meant to be picking up! 
At the draw peg 29 stuck to my hand, a peg I've never drawn but always wanted to as it can be a good pole peg! 
As I do with all my fishing I kept it dead simple. 
3 pellets rigs at 10m 
1 edge rig 
Bomb rod. 
Fed my pole line and gave the bomb 3 chucks without a bite. 
A quick look on the pole line saw 3 quick stockies in the net and was beginning to put a few fish together... 
This was all until the wind picked up and I was forced to come even shorter! Began having a few bites here when it started to go a little "iffy" so had a quick look down the edge where I'd been feeding. 
Had 5 fish in 5 put ins, F1s and carp so this was looking good. But that suddenly died. 
Then I don't really know what happened... I barely had a bite last hour And couldn't really work it out! 
Managed to put 45lb on the scales for 5th overall... 
Well done to Gary Donachie Beating me off the next peg with 52lb. what a legend! 

Forgot to take a photo so here's an old one! 

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