Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Manor farm open - Saturday 13th February

Middle and boundary pools were in for today's match and with some good weights coming off Middle lately I wanted to be on there! 
In the draw bag... comes out with peg 10 Middle. Can be an ok area but middles always the same. You just can't predict where it'll be won from. 
Kept the approach dead simple: 
2 pole rigs
2 rods. 
Started on the bomb and bread was having indications, next minute... Drop back fish on! I wound into an angry mirror that was soon in the net, weighing around 12lb. 
I then put another 3 big F1s in the net also on the bread. With an hour and 30 minutes in things went dead quiet and had a quick look on the pole line... Not a bite! 
That was that for the rest of the day... For the remainder of the match I stuck it out on the bomb and didn't have another liner or anything! The whole lake just switched off! 
My carp and 3 F1s went 25-0-0 putting me around 7th overall. But that's winter fishing!!! 

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