Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Manor farm open -Sunday 14th February

After learning a lot about yesterday's match I knew it would be a difficult day. Middle and island pool in. Normally you need to be on Middle to win but sometimes island can produce! 
At the draw peg 27 Middle stuck to my hand. Can be a good area so was feeling optimistic. 
Kitted up a pellet rigs for fishing at 13m and 2 rods. 
Started on the bomb and bread like I normally do to see how my day was going to go, and also watch other people and see how there pegs respond. 
Around 5 minutes in a few indications on the tip turned into a pull round and Landing a rather chunky common. Then couldn't get a bite on this so had a look on the pole... 
A few minutes of waiting and lifting and dropping I started to put a few fish together. 
Going into the last hour things went quiet so chucked the bread again and had an F1. 
Decided to finish the match on the pole as on Middle pool sometimes you can catch well late on the pole. 
I then continued to put another 3 f1s in the net. 
At the all out I had around 14 fish. A mixture of carp and F1s. 
I weighed in 46-0-0 putting me 6th overall. 
Must try harder! 
Roll on next weekend! 

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