Thursday, 24 December 2015

Thursday 24th December - Manor Farm leisure open.

Today's open was on windmill pool, this has to be one of my favourite lakes as it's an awesome pole lake! There's one peg I love on here, 24! And yes... I drew it!!!
Last time I drew this I got to distracted to the island to my right and today I decided I wouldn't.
At the all in I fed my pole line and checked the bomb. 2nd chuck the tip dropped back and I was into my first fish. A 2 lb F1.
Decided to have a look on my pole line and was into to some bites. Pretty much stayed here all day.  Had a couple of tries on the island line but bites were slower and fish were a lot smaller.
Caught a mixture of original F1s and some small stockies.  Finished the match with 43 F1s and a mirror carp for 67-2-0. Putting me 1st overall!
Had a really nice days fishing with plenty of bites!

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