Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Monday 28th December - Manor Farm Open

 26 fishing.
I drew peg 18 island. Not an area that's had a lot of form but I was feeling optimistic.
Set up was simple.
 2 bomb rods
2 pole rigs!
Started off feeding my pole line and Chucked the bomb out towards the island. Didn't have a liner or any signs for 1 hour 30 despite looking on pole and foul hooking one first put in. Decided to chuck the bomb as tight to the island as possible as this can work well if they are there. After minutes of doing this the rod dropped back and an angry common was soon in the next. Next chuck had one about 15 lb!!!
By 2:00 I had 8 carp for about 45 - 50lb chucking tight to the island then it completely died. A quick look on the pole saw me have 4 F1s in the last hour.
I managed to weigh 56-6-0 for 7th overall and won my section. Really enjoyed this match despite not catching for nearly 2 hours!

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