Sunday, 20 December 2015

Saturday 19th December - Manor Farm leisure - Evesham Christmas match. 
With 16 on island pool a good draw was needed and that didn't happen!  Peg 27 stuck to my hand, this peg occasionly has form but it's hit and miss and there's a lot better pegs on the lake. Kept the set up dead simple.  
2 pole rigs - 13m 
Chucked the bomb and bread for the first 20 minutes and had a tiny liner and I was starting to worry. Began feeding my pole line and had a look on that without a bite! At 11 o'clock I hadn't had a fish. So decided to perceiver long and had 1 F1. At the half way stage I didn't even have 2 lb and the same was for most others, re fed the pole line then went back on it and caught well for 20 mins putting 8 F1s in the net before this then died. Picked up the waggler and had 3 more on that and rested the pole line till last 40 mins when  I hoped I'd catch well on it, which I did! 
Ended the match with 14 F1s and a chunky common for 38-0-0. Putting me 2nd overall, enjoyable day none the less. 

Sunday 20th December - Open at Harescombe Fishery Gloucester. 35 fished. 
This is my first visit to the venue and didn't know where you wanted to draw, I saw myself heading towards peg 14 on the match lake. With 19 on this lake pegging was tight. 
Kept the rigs dead simple 
2 rigs for long. 
1 for in open water. 
Started off dobbing bread to just feel my way into the match. Had my first fish on this 15 mins in being a 3 lb chub! No more bites on this forced me to look elsewhere. Shipped across and rattled in some pellets via a cad pot and the float buried resulting in a 2 lb carp, this continued till I put 4 fish in the net before dieing.  Had a look in open water and couldn't get a bite so plumbed up another line and had another fish and had to keep moving. Towards the end of the match I made a decision to set up a maggot line to the right of the island and this saw me have a few more fish. 
By the all out I had 18 fish for 21-0-0. Putting me 8th on my lake of 19. 

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