Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Harsecombe - 22nd December.

Harescombe Fishery knock up - Tuesday 22nd December.

I drew peg 5 on field lake. This is a lovely looking lake and I was really looking forward to get fishing. Kept the approach dead simple.
Pellets at 13m
Pellets short
Pellets down the edge! Simple!
Started off on the pole and had a carp about 2 lb 20 mins in. Had a couple of fish here then looked on the short line, first put in had a 6 lb carp! Then couldn't get a bite here so shipped an expander back out to 13m and caught 2 more in quick succession.  With 50 mins to go put a bit of bait 13m down the edge to my right. First put in had a proper fish on which I was gutted that I lost at the net, went straight back down there and hooked 2 more which I lost?!?!? Then hooked 3 and landed 3! Not big fish but still a decent stamp.
I finished with 14 carp for 41-0-0 putting me 2nd overall. 51-0-0 won the match.
Really enjoyed this match and was really nice to fish a different venue.

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