Monday, 23 May 2016

Sunday 22nd May

I decided to go to manor Farm today for the open.  Split across island and middle pools.
17 people fishing. 
I felt u needed to be on middle to win as it's fishing really well these past few weeks.
Hand in the bag... Island 27.
It's a deep peg which makes them really good in the winter but not so good in the  warmer weather.
I started the match on the method feeder to the island with a bite less 30 minutes.
A quick change to the pole saw me have some liners so picked up the shallow rig.
Had to work really hard slapping the rig, changing to different depths. But began catching steadily.
Throughout the day I had a look down my edge and on my bomb line but only managed a couple of F1s on the bomb.
So persevered shallow and caught odd fish. 
Managed 8 carp and around 15 F1s for 73-10-0 for a section win and second on the lake!
Happy with that from there!
Roll on next weekend!

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