Monday, 23 May 2016

Saturday 21st May

Today I was going to the Vale golf course fishery.
A new venue for me and was looking forward to it.
After arriving for the draw at 9 o'clock I soon drew my peg and was on the way to peg 6. The end peg was 4 and with my friend Owen Robinson on there I had some good company.
I didn't know how the lake was going to fish so I started on pellets at 8m.
After the first hour no one had caught i and still hadn't had a bite.
I changed to corn on the same line and just kindered in a few grains. This became obvious that corn was that they wanted.
I began getting a few bites but was never solid.
Owen next to me had 3 carp by 2 o'clock and I had 16. So was hoping for a good last hour.
I primed a shorter line and an edge line to try to but didn't get a bite on either of these.
So I decided to go back on my original line for the last 20 minutes and I managed one more small carp.
I weighed in 24-0-0 which put me 4th overall. 
The whole lakes fished hard for some reason.
I felt I did ok considering its the first time I've been here and will deffintly be going back.   

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