Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday 5th February - Manor Farm Leisure

I drew peg 7 on Ash pool.

22 anglers fishing.

I set up two pellet lines both at 14.5m where I would fish pellets.

The rigs were: A colmic big float in .5g, 0.135 F1 spider mainline and an 0.10 hooklength with a Colmic size 16 WN501 for fishing expander pellets to my right. I cad potted pellets on this line.

A Jon Walker diamond in .3g, same mainline and same hooklength to a size 20 B911 hook where id fish a lasso'd pellet and ping pellets on this line.

I had a really nice day with plenty of bites. Seemed to only catch skimmers and the odd F1 early part of the match then caught a few f1s and carp later on.

I ended the match with 4 carp, 5 f1s and 24lb of skimmers to weigh 54-0-0 which won my lake and was 6th overall.

Was really enjoyable catching those skimmers! Wish id of gone for them earlier!

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