Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday 18th February - Manor farm leisure

Manor Farm Leisure.
Final round of the winter league.
After struggling in the first 3 rounds I needed a miracle to do any good overall.
Last 2 rounds have been good.
Won the lake/match in round 4 and 2nd on lake/match in round 5.

Just wanted a days fishing, after drawing peg 12 on middle I really didnt think that was going to happen. The opposite end is where you want to be or middle of the lake can be a safer bet.

Started my match on popped up bread after feeding my pole line. A big F1 was the start I needed. The odd liner on the bomb gave me some hope of fish in the area so a quick look on the pole after 30 minutes and I soon began catching.

Took me a while to sort out how they wanted it but soon got into a rhthmn and caught some nice F1s!

At around 1:30 my match was fading.
I had around 14 or 15 F1s a a carp and was struggling for a bite.

Had to pick fish off for the rest of the day. Catching 1 then moving lines.

My 18 f1s and 2 carp went 76-0-0 which was enough to win the lake and 3rd overall.

Was nice to feed a little bit of bait today as I felt they wanted it! I thought I might of caught more carp than F1s today but to my surprise I didnt!

Hopefully this warm weather continues!
Not fishing tomorrow unfortuanlty.
Roll on next time!


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