Friday, 20 January 2017

Sunday 15th January - River Avon Evesham

Something totally different for me today.
I was asked to stand in for a friend of mine on the Pairs Winter league on the River Avon in evesham.
I drew peg 22 on the Common.
Decided to fish pinkies and grounbait at 14.5m and a groundbait feeder for on the far shelf.
Had 3 pinkie rigs.
4g. All Jean Francoise floats.
0.11 Colmic F1 spider line to and 0.07 stream hooklength. Size 24 B911.
Cupped in 6 balls of groundbait at the start laced with pinkies and casters.
Didnt have a bite on the feeder so felt my time was best spent on the pole.
Managed 2 little skimmers and some roach all on pinkies.
I weighed 1-9-0. Which beat the 2 anglers to my right. And the 2 to my left.
The weights got better further to my left.
Despite not catching a lot I still enjoyed the day and it was nice to fish a river which I havent fished for well over a year!

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