Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Saturday 7th January - Manor Farm

Manor farm leisure open
14 fishing. 
I drew peg 10 on boundary which has been a good area lately. 

I kept my approach simple. 
2 pellet lines, both at 14.5m. One straight in front and one off to my left.
Both rigs were the same. 
Map SD1 4*14 float, Colmic F1 spider mainline in 0.152
Stream hook length 0.10. 
Size 20 B911 with a lasso

One line straight in front of me and one off to my left. 

Bomb and bread rod. 
Colmic Next adventure 45 11ft rod. 
0.20 Colmic method line.
To an 0.152 spider hooklength. 

I was surprisingly ready before the start of the match so to kick it off I fed my line straight infront with 20 4mm pellets and chucked out the bomb and bread, with 2 10mm discs. 
Eagerly watching the tip for any liners or indications. I always watch the rod closely when fishing bread because I need to know if im fishing to far past the fish or if theres any fish in the area. 
No bites first cast so chucked it 10m further than where I did. 
2 minutes later an viscous liner turned to a nice indication and soon after a decent size F1 was in the net. 
I then continued on this and had another big F1 and a big mirror around 10lb and a small mirror. 
By now Frank Donachie was catching to my right but no one was really catching. 
Time to look on the pole. 
After around 5 minutes I hooked a nice skimmer on the pole which was a good sign. 
I perservered on the pole for the next hour and managed about 10 f1s. 
After around 2 hours I was doing ok but my good mate Frank Donachie was flying next peg and had probably 7 or 8 more fish than me, so I had to do something. 
I chucked out the bomb for 2 more casts after feeding both of my pole lines. 
Without an indiaction on this after half an hour I was soon back on the pole. 

For the remaining 2 and a quarter hours I decided to sit it out on the pole and got into a nice little rythmn. 

Id catch one on my left hand line where I had been feeding 15 4mm pellets via a cad pot and then go onto my other line and catch one where Id been pinging some bait straight infront of me. 

I feel pinging is better at manor farm as it seems to attract fish into the peg. 

Last hour seemed to slow right down and Frank didnt have a single bite and I had been plugging away catching the odd fish and felt now I wasn't to far behind. 
It was going to be close! 

Frank thought Id won and I thought he'd won.... 

I was right! 
Frank weighed 61-0-0 
And I weighed 57-2-0. 

Just needed my last hour to be a bit better! 
A big well done to Frank who won the match hes just awesome! 
Was great to have a bit of banter during the match which just makes the day better. 

My 57-2-0 put me 2nd overall and I really enjoyed the day! 

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