Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sunday 11th December - Larford

Today I stood in on the Teams of 4 winter league at larford lakes.
Drew peg 22 on the Grass bank.
Ive only ever fished larford once before so didnt know what to expect.
I had about 3ft at 16m on the pole line and with it being quite cold I thought I wouldnt catch here so my time would be best spent on rods, further out in the lake.
I started on bread and had a nice chunky common within 15minutes.
I stayed on the bread for a while then decided to have a look on the pole which resulted in a small skimmer.
I then decided to see if feeding a bit of bait was the way forward so I chucked a little pellet feeder in the middle of the lake on my Colmic Next Adventure 3 piece 45 rod. Coupled with a Zartan reel to 0.18 Colmic method line.
Without a bite on this I had to make a decison. Catch what I could on the pole or spend the rest of the match on the bread.
I thought my best chance of beating the end pegs would be to fish for carp.
I perceivered on the bread. Changing the length of hook length every few chucks.
3 discs of 10mm at 8" was best.
The bites were really finicky. Either small drop backs of tiny rattles on the rod tip, which means these are educated fish.
I think breads perfect in situations like this... when the carp dont want any bait and the best way of catching them is just to be patient.
It really is a confidence thing and I have a lot of confidence in the bread.
I managed 5 carp. 1 of which was really small.
They went 27-0-0. Which for the area I was in was good.
The chap to my right had 16lb and left had 8lb.
The guy on the end peg had 33lb so I only needed 1 more fish and there was a 28lb further down the section so that put me 3rd in the 14 man section.
So one fish could of swayed it all.
I feel I did the right thing and sometimes even though its a boring match you just have to be patient.

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