Saturday, 17 December 2016

Saturday 17th December - Manor farm boundary pool

Today was the annual Fur and Feather match for the club I started with, Evesham Youth.
With a good turn out of 22 anglers it was set to be a good match and the draw was soon upon us.

With an overcast morning and no wind, it meant there was no ripple... boundary normally fishes better with a bit of ripple on it so I thought this would have an effect.

I drew peg 14, which is never normally in, but we all had a little bit of room to make it fair.
Colmic Airon F66

I kept my approach dead simple.

Maggots + Micros at 14.5m, the rig consisted of a Colmic Sam float. 4x14. 0.13 spider line to an 0.08 stream hooklength to a B911 F1 hook. With a 1.2mm Colmic hollow elastic.

Maggots at 5m. 4x12 strung out rig where Id try and catch through the water and loose feed maggots over the top. Same float just a lighter size, 0.13 main line to an 0.08 hook length and again a 22 hook.

My match started off slow. I struggled to catch for the first half an hour, but then started catching a few small skimmers.
Between 12:30 and 1:00 I was flying... I probably had around 20-25 skimmers in that time and it was clear they were there and feeding confidently.
Manor Leisure - Boundary pool

But they soon backed off and I followed them out another half a metre.

With an hour to go I had around 35 fish. But it faded and needed to do something so I had a look on other line at 14.5m that id fed for an hour but to me left.

I stayed on this till the end catching the odd skimmer but it was really strange... the whole lake just switched off.
Colmic UK

I managed 40 fish. Mainly skimmers for 12-4-0. which won my 11 man section and was enough for 4th overall.

I really enjoyed the match, was nice to fish for silvers for a change and just get a few bites.

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