Thursday, 24 March 2016

Sunday 20th March,

First round of the spring league at alders farm for team colmic! 
Didn't really know where you wanted to draw so we placed our 3 anglers on our pegs and began setting up. 
On arrival to my peg I didn't realise how tight the pegging was going to be but it was tight! 
Began my match on a little pellet feeder so I could watch others and see what they did as I didn't want to go and do things wrong and wreck my peg. 
No bites on this forced me to have a look on one of my pole lines. Fishing and feeding pellets. Gave this line 20 minutes and without a bite I had a look on my other line, where I opted to feed micros and maggots. And around 10 minutes or so later I had a small carp around 2lb in the net. No one around me had caught yet so I felt I was doing ok. 
Re-fed this line and had a look on my other pole line, after waiting around 15 minutes for another bite I thought I might be able to catch a fish off each line and keep rotating as it was very clear the lake was fishing rock hard! 
Not a lot to report for the rest of the match! 
Managed to Nick 3 fish off my maggot line and 1 off my pellet line giving me 4 carp. Weighing 7-4-0. Beating around 4 in my section. With only 20lb winning my section! 
Really difficult day. On the team from we are currently 5th after the 1st round. 
Roll on the next round!!! 

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