Thursday, 24 March 2016

Saturday 19th March

Manor farm open. 
Ash pool. Peg 18. 
Ash pools one of my favourite lakes. It's an awesome pole lake which is why I like it, your a little set back on peg 18 but it's a good area. 
Started on the bomb and bread and had a few early fish. 
Then began catching on the pole at 13m on pellets, caught really well between 12 - 1:30 when no one was really catching. 
I had been pinging a waggler line and had a chuck on this around 2:00. 10 casts later the rod wrapped round and a big F1 was in the net but then couldn't get another bite on it! 
Set up another pole line to my left which saw me catch a few more F1s in the last hour. 
Ended up with around 16 F1s and 2 small carp for 62-4-0. Putting me second overall. 

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