Monday, 11 January 2016

Saturday 9th January - Manor Farm Open.

Peg 10 Windmill pool.

This was the first match I'd fished since the colder weather started so wasn't expecting to much. Decided to set up:
Pellet line 13m.
Long line to the left
Bomb and bread.
Fed my pole line then gave the bomb and bread 3 chucks and didnt even have a liner!!! Even though I hadn't seen a fish caught I was beginning to panic!
Shipped out to 13m and a bit of lifting and dropping and waiting the float dinked and I was into an angry common, weighing around 6lb. Shipped straight back out and the float barely settled before I was into a big F1.  So that was just what I needed! Had to wait a bit for my next bite, maybe around 10 minutes which saw me have a mirror around 3lb.
Then that was it!!! Couldn't get another bite anywhere! I did set up a maggot line but was only catching small roach so came off that.
I weighed in 12-0-0 winning me 2nd in superpools.

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