Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Manor farm leisure open - Saturday 10th October - Windmill lake

Love this lake, always had a decent day when ive fished this lake. Not many turned up so I felt I would need 100lb+ to be anywhere in the frame. I drew peg 15, this is on one of the islands and is a good peg! So was very happy to be on it.

Kept the set up very simple and very for wmet for an out and out pole and pellet approach. The islands at 17m so with 16.5m I could just reach a stump to my left slightly.

Rig 1 - Pellet line across to the island.

Rig 2 - 13m deck rig in open water

Rig 3 - Shallow rig

And a few duplicates.

Started off to the island pinging pellets and in the first hour had around 10 f1s and 2 carp.
This then suddenly died and couldn't buy a bite there!

So went on the deck at 13m and continued putting some fish in the net. After a while on the deck I had been pinging pellets so went shallow and had a few more.

Throughout the day kept switching between each line to keep fish coming. And had a great big mirror that was 14lb!

At the weigh in 118 was winning and I weighed 105-0-0. Chris Telling next peg had 122-0-0 which put him first and I ended up 3rd.

Really enjoyed the day and I feel I should of gone on the deck earlier as this produced bigger fish.

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