Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Saturday 26th September 2016

Alders Farm Open - Ash Lake

First time of ever going to this venue and was totally amazed at how lovely it is!
As the draw took place peg 29 stuck to my hand and I was soon at my peg, looking at the peg really fancied it for a few fish but all the pegs look awesome!
Decided to kit up a bit of everything as didn't really know what to expect, the rigs were as followed:

1. 5m Pole line - with the deepest part of my peg being 2ft I didn't need any heavy floats, this rig was a 4x12 float, 0.15 main to 0.13 hook length, to an 18 B911 for fishing a banded pellet.

2. 5m Pole line - this was an identical rig to above but a slightly bigger hook and a spade hook for fishing corn.

3. Margin - 4x10 float. 0.17 - 0.15 to a 16 B911. I decided to fish groundbait and dead reds as have a lot of confidence in this.

4. Shallow rig at 13m. 0.2 drennan crystal dibber. 0.17 - 0.15. 18 B911

5. Method feeder for under arming over my shallow line.

Started the match very negatively as this is a bagging venue and decided to not feed a lot to prevent any foul hookers. At the all in shipped out to 5m and sprinkled a full cad pot over the top of my rig, after a minute or two of lifting a dropping the float buried and landed my first fish. Blimey these fish fight hard in here!!! With the lake being spring fed the carp are wild! After the first hour I put around 15 carp in the net for around 20lb and felt I was slightly off the pace to other anglers.

Going into the second and third hour I really struggled, after not getting a bite on my short pole line and nothing down the edge I tried shallow. I had been pinging pellets since the start of the match and thought I needed to try it. After a few minutes of working hard I had a quick run of 3 fish shallow but it then soon died and just didn't feel right.

At around 2;30 I had 30 carp in the net and was well off the pace! As a back up I picked up my method rod and under armed it over where id been pinging all day. Its safe to say... this was as I expected! It was solid! The method didn't really hit the deck before going round! And in just over an hour put 22 carp in the net.

As the scales went round I knew I should of done a little better, I weighed in 117-0-0 for nowhere on the lake! Beat the angler to my right but got battered by my left!

Looking back I would of fished my match completely different. I felt I should of gone on the method earlier then primed my edge line till the last hour as a few anglers said they had near to 80lb in the last hour down the edge.

To round up I had a brilliant day and really looking forward to going back and seeing if what I know now makes a difference!

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